The Hotline to The Universe Closes 

are you REady to MAnifest a life beyond your wildest dreams? 
You can release old thoughts, beliefs and fears and take massive action and transform your life in less than 5 weeks.
It's time to change where you are right now and transform your life and get everything you have ever desired! You deserve it! You are here because you know it is your time to get everything!
Do any of these sound familiar?
•Are you tired of nothing ever changing?
•Are you frustrated with always being behind on bills?
•Are you tired of being anxiety ridden over everything?
•Are you tired of the inaction in your life?
•Are you tired of being stuck in fear?
•Are you tired of the past affecting your present?
•Are you tired of the lack of results in your life?
•Are you frustrated everything seems to be overwhelming?
•Are you worried this year is going to be like last year? 
Do you have a pile of vision boards and affirmations pasted all over your mirror but nothing is coming? 
 Are you frustrated you have tried to call in more clients, soulmates and more money but your calendar and bank account and bed are still empty? 
I know you're not sure what to do next. Or where to start and trying to make changes in your life feels so overwhelming when you look at everything you want to change NOW. I know you don't want to waste another year without any major progress. You want to make changes and see them stick. Not fall back into old patterns and thinking that isn't getting you anywhere. 

Anything can change for you, and make this year different. 

"The Secret to Successful Manifesting"
I know exactly what it feels like to struggle and hustle to get what you want… only to see the money and the love and the opportunities go to someone else, who looks like they haven’t even lifted a finger, let alone recited an affirmation!

As an attorney, I was used to working hard to get what I wanted. 

I believed if something was gonna happen in my life, I knew I had to bust my butt to make it happen. And that belief was proven every day as I struggled, hustled, and fought for control of myself and everything in my world. 

I was burnt out. Tired. Ready to throw in the towel… and then I had a massive shift in my life that showed me an easier way! 

I dove into mindset work. I identified my limiting beliefs and past hurts and places where I was sabotaging my own greatness by my thoughts and actions. 

And things started to change!

As I shifted my thinking and healed myself, magic started in my life. I started getting really good at manifesting stuff like parking places, free teas at Starbucks, having people call me, new clients, free dinners, free trips and the exact pair of shoes I’d been dreaming of…

But it felt very random and I really wanted the big stuff to come.

That’s when I went back to the drawing board and took another long, deep look at what I’d been doing. I could see where I was making progress, and where I was stuck — and more importantly, WHY. 

And when I made some changes to align myself and my mindset and energy with my desires (I’ll admit, there was some stuff that was HARD to let go of…)

That’s when the magic REALLY started to happen!

I MANIFESTED $20,000 in 24 hours. I actually wrote it down 24 hours prior: “I receive $20,000.” Boom... it happened! I knew how to ask and receive what I desired.

Once I did the work, cleared away old beliefs and became intentional with my manifesting everything changed. New clients. New opportunities. New relationships… the love, the money, the happiness arrived. 

And now, that’s what I want for you — and that’s what you’ll receive in Hotline to the Universe, my 5-week course that will teach you the exact manifestation process I use every day. I won’t leave ANYTHING out! 

Knowing you are worthy of having a life you desire means you can have do anything.
Life is so much easier and in flow when you are in alignment and everything just shows up for you.
+ + + +
+ + + +
You will have a life changing transformation taking this 5 week course. Each Module will help you take action in your life and start creating a life you really want to live.
My signature steps will be listed in each module and homework for you to really succeed. And an amazing loving tribe to help you work through anything.

What's included and the Bonuses!
Course Material
5 Weekly Modules
Starting January 20, 2020, you’ll get a new video module on manifesting each week. Everything’s but Module 5 is recorded so you can review and watch again and again — on YOUR schedule. We will record module 5 live together.

Before the course starts, you’ll receive some prep work to complete so we can all start from the same place on Jan. 20. You will bring this pre-work to the facebook group and share.  Once you register, keep an eye on your email! 

Course Access
Come back and watch the course materials again and again at any time. You have unlimited lifetime access to all the materials — including any upgrades and additions I make in the future.

Exclusive Facebook Group Worth $4000
Get 24/7 access to a group of amazing manifestors.
Live Coaching Call
After Module 3, we’ll meet for a live coaching Q&A.  

You will get an additional 11 prerecorded video trainings on manifesting. Worth $2,500
They are sold as a bundle but will be included FREE for you in this course.
Resources to Support Your Learning
Each week, you’ll receive worksheets, journaling prompts, and affirmations specifically crafted to reinforce your learning and put your manifesting skills to work.

IF YOU SIGN UP EARLY! You will get your pre-work now! 
What are you no longer wanting to feel anymore? What kind of magic are you ready to bring into your life? You are deserving of everything you desire love. Everything. You are so worthy of having it all. There is no shame here. Not judgment. There is only owning your power. You get to have it all. You are allowed to have everything. IF you desire it, it should be yours. We forget that we get to have everything. We judge our desires. You are so deserving. Just know this. I believe what we want is what we want and it is ours. Always. The Hotline in the Universe helps you believe in your desires and receive them. Trust your gut, you got here for a reason. Take that chance to change your life. It is up to you.

Things you can expect to happen....Miracles....because this is life changing.

Get ready to reframe your mindset and so you know exactly why you desire what you want. We’ll dive into identifying and clearing resistance and the energy that’s holding you back. 
Learn how to back what you want emotionally so it has no damn choice but to show up!

You’ll learn strategies to pinpoint where your resistance is creating havoc on your manifesting and how to remove it. 
You’ll get clear on why your thoughts and heart need to be in total congruence — and how to create that alignment. 

We’ll review a step by step process for identifying what exactly is blocking your manifestations (even if you don’t know what it is… we’ll find it together!).
Learn why it’s so easy to manifest simple things like parking spots but money or a soulmate seems to take forever… and how to change that! 

Discover what vibrational alignment feels like and how and when to manifest from it. 
**THIS IS KEY! And most programs, books, and teachers skip this step...
Now you are ready to set your intentions and apply your manifesting techniques into action and become the manifesting magnet…. YOU WILL HAVE THAT HOTLINE TO THE UNIVERSE!
Hi Beautiful Souls, it’s your girl Shamina!

If you don’t know me yet, I am pretty open all around. I speak my mind and I encourage you to do the same! I am a Spiritual Badass Business Mentor and Teacher, Manifesting Queen, Soul-Cial Influencer, Entrepreneur, Attorney, Writer, Mother, Reiki Master Healer, and Humanitarian. 

As a Master Energy Worker and Mindset Mentor, I help spirit-led entrepreneurs to achieve their heart’s desires by clearing your energy blocks and releasing the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back. I intuitively show you where you need to clear to get you leaping forward and believing in yourself. 

My unique gift is that I know exactly where people are hiding their emotional blocks and their self-limiting beliefs. Once we identify them, I help you clear these blocks, heal your story and help you discover your true authentic self, which helps awaken your true soul calling and purpose work!

Unlike many other spiritual teachers, I bridge the gap between personal development and spiritual growth, coupled with practical application.  

I keep it 100%.


Much love xoxo


module one
Module One: Getting Clear
What do you really desire? You’ll get crystal-clear on what you want and how to ask for it. NO MORE wishy washy stuff. That shit isn’t going to work! It’s time to GET SPECIFIC!
How to ask for what you want so BAM! The Universe hears you. 

module two
Module Two: Learning to Receive
We’ll identify what blocks you from receiving your manifestations, and then talk about how to eliminate these pitfalls to receiving. 
Receiving is the key to letting manifestations in. We go over how what your real beliefs are affecting your receiving. 

module three
Module Three: Becoming Aware of our blocks and the Subconscious
We will specifically identify and clear your subconscious blocks — the ones messing up your flow! 
I teach you my methods for removing your emotional blocks to clear your energy so your manifestations can appear effortlessly. 
module 4
Module Four: The Manifesting Process
Now we get you ready to MANIFEST! YEAH BABY! 
You’ll learn the most effective ways to manifest. 

module 5
Module Five: Recorded LIVE. Going Deeper
Now that you know how to manifest, let’s go into expert mode. 
You’ll learn how to become Vibrationally Aligned to money or love, or the specific thing you desire. 
Q & A
After module 3 there will be a Live Q and A with Shamina. This will be a time you can ask Shamina anything and work through issues that have come up for you. It will be a powerful session!

JUST SOME OF THE MAGIC. This could be you...   imagine what yours will say?

They had breakthroughs rewired their thoughts, healed the past they now are powerful manifestors. This could be your story as well!

You landed here for a reason. Follow the guidance and you too can change your life and manifest what you desire. No more struggling. 

The Hotline to the  Universe changed my life more ways than one. It is much more than  just a manifesting course.  Shamina changes your life.
- Kim
People who took the hotline to the universe course Completely changed their lives. let go of beliefs they had for years, healed trauma they had for years, Started their own businesses, found love, lost weight. They realized their full potential and how anything is in fact possible and they could have anything they desired. You too can also have the same life changing experience
Watch How the hotline to the UNiverse has changed their lives. IT is more than a manifesting course it is a life changing experience.

Erika- Relationship Coach

Shannon- Spiritual Mentor

Marissa Singer and Artist

Amanda -Health Coach

Jenny - Health and Life Coach

Kim - English Professor

The hotline only opens certain times of the year. Once the cart is closed we don't know when it will open again and the price will go up.
Here are different ways you can make this investment and have access to  a life changing experience.
Course Investment
 Pay  in Full
PAyment plan

$111 x 6 Weekly payments
 VIP - you get the Course PLUS an intense 1:1 Block removing  Session with Shamina   (only 5 available)
PAyment plan for the VIP option

$479 x 2  Bi- Weekly payments
P.S. The VIP option is an amazing deal as   my 1:1 intensive sessions are  usually $1111.00 a session. You get a session  plus the course for less than that only $888. this is a special offer for this course.   Only 5 available! They Sold out last round.
frequently asked questions
Who is The Hotline to the Universe for?
You’re tired of struggling and hustling for everything in your life. 
You want to just think of things and they show up.
You want to fulfill your every desire and be, do and have whatever you want.
You want to be in a state of flow and let things be easier.
You know you can have it all.

Who is Hotline to the Universe NOT for? 
You are not ready to do the work to change your life.
You want to keep working harder and not smarter.
You are committed to your victim mindset and not willing to look deep at your own “stuff” and be honest with yourself. 
You don't believe you can have it all.
You don't want to be in flow and alignment.
You don't believe in vibes or energy

 What is your refund policy?
Because this is a digital program, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, there are no refunds. Additionally, your results depend entirely on YOU. I know this stuff before — I’ve seen it with dozens of others. So if you commit and do the work, you will have some major shifts and there will be successes for you.
What if I suck at Manifesting?
The truth is, you’re ALWAYS manifesting! In this course, you’ll learn how to manifest your dream life. 
Can I share the log in with family and friends?
Your log-in is for you alone; sharing it is a violation of our terms and agreements.  However, you can teach them what you learn! 
Get started right away with intentional prep work. get you ready to MANIFEST! It comes immediately in your email once you sign up.

My proven approach will guide you along your way with five weeks of specific, step-by-step actions. 

Put your new knowledge to work with weekly exercises and homework. 

Meet new friends and create a support team in our exclusive private Facebook Group. Which is worth thousands  of dollars. The support is amazing! 

Come back again and again — you have lifetime access!
Sign up and get started with the pre-work and let this year be the year you can manifest it all.
Course Investment Pay  in Full
PAyment plan
You are paying a financing fee of $111
$111 x 6 Weekly payments
 VIP - you get the Course PLUS an intense 1:1 Block removing  Session with Shamina   (only 5 available)
PAyment plan for the VIP option

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