Are you ready for The Upscale?
This masterclass is for the woman who desires expansion in her life whether personal or business.

When the Upscale happens you are ready to GO BIGGER! There is no more room for playing small. Why? Because you are all in and choose to have it no other way!
It's the NEXT-LEVEL success. 

If you are ready to attract high ticket clients where you are selling out your high ticket offer faster than a $111 offer, this training is for you.

If you want to scale a group program and not only offer 1:1's, The Upscale is for you. You'll be learning how to make more money for far less of your time.

If you are a women who desires to command high ticket programs.
Desires +6 figure cash months.
Desires the conviction needed to live from pure desire.
Desires to buy whatever, just because... 

October 27-28th we meet at 6pm CST as The Upscale takes off.
Join me as we upgrade into the most luxurious state of consciousness to be accessed in this lifetime. It is time to live beyond what we know to be the "normal standard" and access limitless wealth!

When: October 27-28 6pmCST
Where: Private Facebook Group


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